Help Fulfill a Wish – FINAL WEEK!!!!

Jan 16 2012

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the final two groups of our “HELP FULFILL A WISH” campaign!!!  Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far and shown your support for Josh, the groups highlighted along the way and The Find Your Light Foundation!!!

This week, we are proud to present to you The Leading Note Foundation Youth OrKidstra in Ottawa!! Check this video out and learn about the gift of music – and how it keeps on giving!!

To learn more about Leading Note Foundation Youth, visit http://www.leadingnotefoundation.org/

Donate today to help us continue to support groups like this in 2012!! http://findyourlightfoundation.org/donate/

The Harmony Project is a spectacular group in LA that offers social change through music. Check out this brief video for more info on the incredible work that they do!