Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra!!!

Nov 12 2013
Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra

Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra

Saturday in Orlando, Josh Groban and Find Your Light Foundation welcomed Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra!!! FSYO’s mission aims to educate and inspire Central Florida’s top young musicians. All programs reflect a commitment to provide young musicians with the opportunity to strengthen their musical talents and develop an appreciation of the arts through classical music. Learn more about this exceptional group HERE!

Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre

Nov 08 2013
Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre

Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre

Look at these smiles!! Thank you Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre for joining Josh Groban at the show last night!!! We hope you enjoyed the show!!

Children’s Festival Chorus at the Consol Energy Center!

Nov 05 2013

Children's Festival Chorus

Children’s Festival Chorus

Thank you Children’s Festival Chorus (Pittsburgh) for coming out to meet Josh Groban on Saturday at the Consol Energy Center! Children’s Festival Chorus of Pittsburgh provides opportunities for diverse groups of children to realize their innate artistic potential and share experiences that enrich their lives while benefiting their families and communities. CFC provides a needs-based Tuition Assistance Program as well as various payment options to allow children from all circumstances to participate – which we LOVE!! Thank you for all you do!!! Learn more about them HERE, and show YOUR support too!!